Attitude & Transition

»I am not generally against zoos or aquariums - I just prefer animals to be free.«

Inspired by my grandfather I’ve been interested in the environment and all its residents since I was a little child. While most kids spent their childhoods in front of a computer, I’ve spent my time fishing and watching animals at rivers and lakes.

I became the department head of the biggest aquarium in Europe in 2008 while I was still studying. Before that I trained seals in captivity. Nevertheless I started  to question whether it was right to cage animals behind glass and bars. So I decided to go a different way… In the past I caught animals with nets and cages, today I am still hunting - but with my camera.

In the last few years I’ve visited a lot of foreign countries on expeditions. My trips have taken me to more than 100 countries, to all 7 continents and I have seen more than 5.000 different species of animals - I am always looking for new adventures and spectacular pictures. I enjoy breathtaking moments, ones which allow me to take amazing pictures, while freediving with sharks and whales, cave diving, or on expeditions in polar regions, deserts and trekking through the most remote jungle. I can’t put into words how it feels to dive with a whale, a shark or a seal - no sound and completely weightless, eye to eye in the endless blue. Pictures say more than a thousand words…

Today I also work as a lecturer, and I teach young students and adults. At public lectures I talk about my experiences around the world. I want people to participate in my fascination with our planet and this way I want to protect our world.

In 2013 I founded the company Submaris with 4 other scientists. The company specializes in scientific diving for science and media. In 2012 we published our first cinema movie - »Hidden worlds - Caves of the Dead 3D« - an adventure documentary about cave diving in Mexico. This documentary has won several international awards. At the Cannes corporation media & TV awards 2013 our movie received the golden dolphin in the category: »Adventure & Travel«. The movie also got the black dolphin in the category: »Best use of 3D«.

I hope that through sharing my experiences in pictures, movies and speeches I inspire people to rethink and to save what is so important to me - Our planet, the Ocean and its residents.