I am available for

  • Documentary photography & film
  • Expedition photography & film     
  • Underwater photography & film
  • Scientific diving for science & media
  • Image film - concept / realization / edit
  • Photography & film tours
  • Photography & film courses
  • Expedition leader / Guide
  • Planning of expeditions & realization
  • Lecturer / Live shows / Multi vision shows
  • School projects
  • Biological advise / survey / monitoring
  • Interviews - TV / print media / radio
  • Actor for TV & cinema  

My rates are dependent on the type of job required, the length of time and which diving or camera gear is needed. I also offer discounts for longer bookings. If you are interested in booking me for shoots, TV-Shows, workshops or public speaking then please contact me. 

At Submaris, a company with a big international network that specializes in scientific diving for science and media, I have the pleasure of working with a team of professionals on land and underwater all over the world. We can do almost anything.