Why NoseBrokeProductions?

I was on an expedition in Central America in 2007 when I had a big, almost deadly, surf accident in El Salvador. After the injury I had to lie down for a long time and I was not allowed to fly. I spent my forced free time with my face and nose in a cast and my eyes in the viewfinder of a camera. That was the start of a journey for me, and I began hunting for new breathtaking pictures.

Since then I have been stung in the hand by Europe´s most poisoness animal (Petermännchen), bitten by sharks and had my feet pierced by worms. I´ve been spat upon by llamas, jostled by elephants and almost killed by a coconut … I photograph my wildlife images in the wild - and nature is relentless.

Some of my images were created with a lot of sweat and blood - in the truest sense of the words -  many with frozen fingers, blue lips and a sore back. The most important thing I do is always respect the object of the photo. I never overstep the tolerance of an animal in order to get a spectacular image.

NoseBrokeProduction sounds dangerous? - Well, it is sometimes.