What-everyone-can-do: Rethinking & thinking along

It starts with everyday things: plastic bags, toothpaste with micro plastic beads, double-plastic-bagged tomatoes, etc. Much of this garbage ends up at the bottom of the oceans. Some floats around on the surface and entangles wildlife. Some of it is eaten by wildlife filling their stomachs and hindering the digestion of proper nutrients. Another danger of plastics, is what they contain. For example, chemical softeners, which, once dissolved in the sea, basically, turn all fish female. So in addition to the problems of over-fishing, as a result of this feminization, fish can not create enough offspring. Where is this heading? Currently, about 1.5 billion people in the world have to eat fish, because it´s their only protein source. What do these people do if all oceans are overfished in 2040? They starve. I see the effect of overfishing during all my travels!

It's not too late, but we must act now! 

You can make a big difference, even with a small change:

Do not eat endangered fish species!
Eat fish, but learn about which species will have little impact, first!
Use as little plastic and palm oil as possible!

It's very simple. When many people make a small contribution, the effect is great!

Of course, there are many other ways to protect the sea and its inhabitants. But doing just this one thing helps. If you want to do something else, oppose the catching of whales and dolphins for confinement or food.


I am supported in my projects by some great people and companies. Suunto, Light&Motion and Aqualung assist with diving equipment. AC-photo, Seacam and GoPro support me, when it comes to camera equipment. Without my media presence and the great work of JUSTORANGE it would be not even half as cool! »Thank you« to all of them!

I always try to make the world a better place. In 2014 and 2015 I lectured to more than 18,000 children and young people! My goal for 2016 is at least an audience of 10,000! I am talking about current problems of environmental protection, marine research and everyday things such as plastic and orcas.

I truly believe that we can make a difference! This is why I like going to schools. Most of the kids understand quickly how important it is to protect our planet and how easy it is to be a responsible part of it.

I work partly without payment and often put all my energy into projects that cost more money than they bring in - everything to pursue a single goal: to preserve our planet, especially the oceans!

In early 2015 me and a team of professionals have been in Asia to fight illegal wildlife trade, illegal fishing and to protect endangered wildlife, the last remaining forest and coral reefs. Without any payment.

Do you want to support me in my projects? There are different ways:

If you have skills you can take part?
You can also make a donation. Your help makes a difference!
If you would like to have me talk at a school, give a public lecture or do some other public presentation, please contact me.

Perhaps you have your own brilliant idea? Please feel free to contact me!

Robert Lehmann
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